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Thread: Unconventional routine...Need routine advice again

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    Unconventional routine...Need routine advice again

    Now that I have this semester until control and figured out I need to rework my routine, I still have limited time on most days and my available days are not in a ideal routine layout.
    My available time are as follows
    Sunday- 4-6:45pm - off work at 3:30, have clinical study group at 7
    Tuesday - 7-945pm - outta clinicals at 630, bedtime at 1030ish
    Thursday - 830-945pm - study group til 8, bedtime at 1030ish
    Friday - 7-1030pm - work til 630, work again at 11pm

    Improve/maintain cardio, increase strength while maintaining flexibility/mobility, improve MMA technique (although I doubt I will ever fight).

    Proposed routine, (open to change!!!)

    Sunday overall body WO
    SLDL 4x8
    Bench 1x15, 3x10
    Rows 1x15, 3x10
    CARDIO: BJJ grappling

    Tuesday overall body WO
    Squat 4x8
    OHPress 1x15, 3x10
    Pull ups 1x15, 3x10
    CARDIO: considering crossfit style full body session

    Thursday Upper body (short workout)
    chin ups 4x12
    dips 4x12
    CARDIO: HIIT w/sled

    Friday Lower body, boxing class
    Step ups 3x20
    Jumping/mobility work
    CARDIO: boxing/striking work

    The cardio work is not changing and do not recommend Crossfit

    I would like to see suggestions on how to structure a routine working out:
    as your limits, with or without the cardio.
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    I know you don't want to change your cardio, but how about switching days? I think a CrossFit workout like you are considering for Tuesday would work better on your short Thursday. Your HIIT sled work could move to Tuesday, so you still get some good cardio in after your workout and on Thursday you can get a total body workout, while improving cardio/endurance. The time frame is about perfect as well and I am not recommending CrossFit, only suggesting you move the day you are thinking of doing it.

    You could add another total body workout day on Friday, or even an ME lift on that day, changing it up each week, since it looks like you are planning on using a lot of that time on your boxing and plyo work? This way you could work strictly on strength and test yourself on a regular basis to see if you are gaining.

    Another option is to just add a third total body workout, like the other two and then work boxing after that.

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