I'm 23 year old and hopefully this journal will draw the help from this community and keep me focused on my path of lifting.

My initial journey:

I never was an athletic person. I grew up with passion for sports but over time the lack of strength and speed hurt my overall competitiveness. By the time college rolled around I lost my heart and stopped exercising completely. I was always skinny and nobody would ever say I was fat. Yet I had no real muscle on me and I had a good amount of body fat, especially around the belly.

In a chance encounter during the summer of 2006, I ran into my childhood friend's little brother. He was 18 at the time and I had not seen him in a few years. He was always a scrawny kid but had started to work out in the time I had not seen him. He wasn't completely ripped but his whole bulking shape just shocked me. If he could do something to alter his look then so can I. Why not? So when the new school year I promised myself to commit time to the gym. I would take the plunge, enter my college's gym for the first time and begin my journey.

When I first started I was pathetically weak.

5'8" 141 lbs


Bench: 1x 6 rep at 45 lbs [YES I couldn't even complete a full set using a bar]
Curls: 2x9 15 lbs
Shoulder press: 2x10 25 lbs

I just remember feeling embarrassed over my stats but nobody seemed to care. Everybody has to start somewhere right? I didn't get a friend to help me, since I was again embarrassed, so I expanded my exercises based upon what I observed. I didn't know anything about diet and I did the same exercises everyday 4-5 times a week.

Today (2/25/08):
158 lbs. I goto the gym 5-6 times a week. I focus on an muscle group per day and do about 8-10 exercises 8-12 reps each. This takes me roughly 1.5-2+ hours a day.

Bench: 3x10 135, max 1x2 185
Concentration Curls: 3x6 (each arm) 35 lbs
Shoulder press 3x10 50 lbs

Deadlift: No idea what max is, I been reppin at 7-8 at 105 lbs. I used to go 155 lbs but apparently my form was all off (back wasn't straight) so I have been building back up from the ground up.

I just started on whey and creatine last week (2/20/08) so hopefully that will really help my gains.

I think I have done a decent amount of bulking the past 6+ months. I gained about 15 lbs since I changed my diet [eating more, smaller meals, and more protein] My goals for the end of the year:

Bench: max over 225 lbs and repx10 at 185
Lose BF and get a 6 pack. I have no idea what my current BF % is but i'll guestimate it to be in the 18-22% range.

Anyway tomorrow I'll post my experience with Chest at the gym!