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Thread: how strict are PL federation rules?

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    how strict are PL federation rules?

    just wanted to see how strict judges are outside of California. Over here, me and my buddies get called on for little stuff such as heel slightly lifting off the ground during a press, index finger not touching the ring, foot sliding away during a press due to slippery surface, and when you make the annoucement that the lifter is going to attempt the state/american record, the judges get in super strict mode. We record every competition lift and noticed that the side judges focus more on body positioning. How is it on the east coast? southside? world's show? I'm more interested in bench pressing judgments. But please do include your squat and deadlift exp.

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    it all depends on the federation, man
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    Depends on the federation and the judge(s) and (sometimes) who the competitor is.
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    what fed are you competing in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensei View Post
    Depends on the federation and the judge(s) and (sometimes) who the competitor is.
    Bro you are right ON THE MONEY HERE Bro! Ive Had side Judges tell me my ass has come off the bench.... Im 5'2" with short limbs lol and my ass CANT come off the bench! lol

    When I judge, I dont care if its your first meet, your last meet, World records, state record, everyone is the same and I judge everyone equal!
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    APC has people who dont even lift as side judges
    USPF is just super strict overall

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