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Thread: Dropping a log - TJM's deadlift log!

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    Dropping a log - TJM's deadlift log!

    I'm fairly new here, I think I'll start a log.
    age- 19
    height - 6'2
    weight - 260
    experince - 1.5 years
    Deadlift goal - 700lbs by summer 08.
    I'm a bodybuilder who dabbles in powerlifting. For my 1st year of training I had no gym membership. I mainly just benched and deadlifted in my garage no sqauts cause I had no rack just a bench a bar and some DBs, in fact, I did no legs other then what I got from my deads and SLDLs. I progressed a lot just doing those movements though. I went from 150lbs @ 6'2 to 260lbs. My max incline bench was 315 and my record for deadlifts was 500x6. Recently (as in december of 2007) I finally joined a gym but unfortunatly torn my pec and have been recovering from that ever since. So, for the past 2 1/2 months I been concentrating on becoming a better deadlifter and squater. I've finally been able to train legs with sqauts and all the nifty leg machines!
    I'll start this log to track my progress and get opinions / suggestions on what I'm doing.
    How I train:
    I do whatever I feel will help me. I take into consideration westside methods, stuff I've read from Stefán Sölvi and observed from watching powerlifting vids. You'll see a mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

    MONDAY Feb 25th
    Lower back / legs:
    Box squats (a little below parallel. 1st time doing them, I really like them)
    315 12x2 reps

    Platform speed deads (the platform was an arobic stepper)
    (no rest between the last 2 sets)

    Leg press, wide + high foot position
    (no rest between the last 2 sets)

    Girly glute machine (don't know what it's called but chicks always use it)
    305 3x12reps each leg

    leg extensions
    205 4x10-12reps

    THURSDAY Feb 28th
    Rack pulls (Knee level. Not below the knee cause I wanted to hit the middle/upper back)

    DB rows
    85lbs (sadly the heaviest DBs at my gym ) 3x12-25 reps each arm

    Hammer strength row machine
    135 3x10reps each arm

    Lat pulls

    Lat hammer strength machine
    135 3x10reps each arm

    Cable row
    260 3x10reps

    Farmer holds on the shrug machine (grip is slightly bigger then a oly bar)
    135 each arm for 35 secs
    145 each arm for 30 sec
    (I really suck at these!)

    Gripper work
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