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Thread: Variety for maximum benefits?

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    Variety for maximum benefits?

    I know routines should be regularly changed/modified for variety but I'd like to know how much change would be enough? Like say after 4-6 weeks with a routine If I changed the rep or set range is that enough? Or if I just move exercises around is that enough variety? Or does just progressively adding weight week after week a good way to keep variety without changing much of the routine?

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    I think it depends on a few what routine your doing and how long you've been lifting.

    I started Rippetoes Novice routine a couple months ago and I plan on sticking with this until I peak on my heavy lifts. I'm gaining size and strength, so as long as that continues...I don't see a point in changing anything.

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    rep ranges and movement order are variations i use. My rep ranges vary all the time but i only change movement order every 6-9 weeks.

    Very seldom do i trash my entire routine for a completely new one, usually the modifications I do with movement order and changing movements all together are done slowly. You might say it evolves every 6-9 weeks, but the backbone to it remains (albeit the placement changes) such as bench, squat, dead, row, oh press, pullup, and usually SLDL or GMs.
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    k makes much sense thx bros

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