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Thread: Is going Hard on Deadlift for once a week for many consecuitve weeks ok?

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    Is going Hard on Deadlift for once a week for many consecuitve weeks ok?


    Ive read that deadlift is a very taxing exercise and it may be wise to miss it here and then to allow the body some real rest,

    example: last week, my max is 170kg and I did 3 successful sets of 8 reps at 130kgs with only 1.5 minute breaks, my lower back was ultra sore for 3 days and any form of rolling on the ground felt great lol, I was little sore for the another 2 days,

    Then this week I 3 x 8 x 135kgs with 3 minute breaks and I'm hardly as sore, cause I had 3 minute breaks which im going to stick with.

    Should I leave deadlift every 3 or 4 th week?

    Or should I keep going hard until there is reason to rest?

    Thanks Cya
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    Doing deadlifts once a week shouldn't be a problem. Make sure your form is in check. I used to deadlift with poor form and my lower back would be sore for 2-3 days. I now deadlift with relatively good form and I've found that because the hamstrings and lower back are sharing the burden, neither one is very sore. In fact, I'm more sore after benching than I am after deadlifting.

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    Well, it may be wise to lower your rep scheme so that your form can be dead on, no pun intended. Yes, the deadlift is taxing and that is why lower reps are critical when going heavy, for form can go to crap easily. You may also want to try variations of it such as sumo.

    As to your question, it comes down to your goals and what you feel comfortable with, that is not to say go easy. You could do something like small stages of increasing intensity. For example,
    WO 1: 5x5 @ 70% of 1RM
    WO 2: 5x4 @ 80% " "
    WO 3: 5x3 @ 90% " "
    WO 4: Build to 1-2 RM
    WO 5: 5x5 @ 50% of 1RM
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