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Thread: Specific Group Workout

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    Specific Group Workout

    I have recently been doing block training to get myself better proportioned, and it is going great. My weakest spot was chest and I did block training with it for a few weeks and now I want to give it a break and specialize on another weak spot. Next would be the uppermost part of my back. My lats are large but my upper body from the side view looks skinny, and improving chest helped a lot now I want to focus on the opposite side. I know rear delt flies are one major workout can anyone suggest any others for this part???

    Also I am going to try to build some bulk to my abs, my abs are lean but not very muscular. I know good lifts for the upper abs and obliques, are there any good lifts for the lower abs to give them some bulkier strength.


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    -bent over barbell rows, shrugs, deadlifts, cable rows, upright rows. all good for major back development.

    -the abs are one muslce group, cant make the top bigger than the bottom. thats like saying you could make the right 3 packs bigger than the left. so just work them and do many different exercises for the abs.

    just a question, so what exactly is your routine like while your doing block training? ive never really heard of such a thing ~_^
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    Block Training

    Go to "Get Built Issue 4" in the Wannabebig Articles is at the is great for people like me where certain body parts grow fast than others.

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