Are there any westside benchers out there who compete RAW? I'd like some general training advice... My bench is AWFUL!

I'm trying to find some good ME excercises to implement into my training. I feel like regular westside training is triceps, triceps, triceps, which may not necessarily be beneficial for a raw lifter.

One question I've been wondering is whether or not lockouts/high end board presses will be beneficial if I'm training RAW. My lockout strength IS pretty crappy (Not much over my bottom position bench strength) though I usually fail about 2 inches off the chest.

Another question I have is on tightness during DE lifts. Do you want to set up for DE bench just like you would for a ME attempt? (shoulders pulled together, large arch, etc). Or should you just pop underneath the bar and go?

Finally, I've just recently started to get my back tightness together. I use to pull my shoulder blades together but they would "pop" loose at the top, which would kind of bring me off the bench. Now I'm getting better at keeping htem tight the whole way, though I was wondering if there was any other way to train upper back tightness during the bench? It feels very unnatural... the lift turns into an arm only movement, and I still kind of have a tendency to bring my chest towards the bench at the top of the lift.

Thanks for your responses!