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Thread: Shoulder Bursitis/Tendonitis

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    Shoulder Bursitis/Tendonitis

    So I was halfway through my shoulder/bi workout 2 weeks ago. I was doing machine military presses and on my last few reps while pushing up, I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. It wasn't a pop, but more like a sharp shooting sensation. My whole shoulder was in pain but still manageable so I went ahead and finished out my workout. Once I got home and started to cook, I felt my entire left shoulder was in pain. My left trap, delt, and the top of my shoulder as well as my shoulder blade hurt. It was quite unbearable and I basically could not and would not use my left arm because of the pain. During the first week, I felt stifness all over my shoulder and I could even feel some numbness run down my arm from my bicep to my middle finger. After about a week the bulk of the pain subsided a but it still hurt to move my arm/shoulder in certain ways. At this point I went to see a sports medicine doc. He gave me an x-ray and said nothing was broken. Did some tests to see if I had a torn rotator cuff, but amazingly, he said I had really strong tendons as he had used a lot of force when doing his tests. He said he highly doubted that I had a tear, and said that I probably have either a shoulder impingement, tendonits, bursitis or any combination of the three. Was told to RICE it for the next few weeks. I have not taken any NSAID's as ibuprofen upsets my stomach something wicked, and also because I always try to let my body heal itself as much as possible before using any meds if any at all. I would rather take more days off if neccessary to accomplish this.

    So its been about a week and since seeing the doc and about 18 days since I injured my shoulder. Most of the pain has subsided and I pretty much have 85% mobility back with minimal pain while doing normal things. But when I looked in the mirror today, I noticed that my left trap and shoulder look shriveled compared to my right trap and shoulder. Is it normal for my trap to atrophy when it was my shouler that was injured? And also I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a shoulder workout for me to use from now on that will still help me to build shoulder size but is also tendonits/bursitis/impingement friendly? I am looking for ideas for either a Shoulder/Trap day or Shoulder/Bi day. Any advice, ideas, suggestions and help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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