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Thread: Lats.. Latss and More Lats and a few other problems

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    Your routine sucks for your level of experience. It's working because any routine will work for a newbie, but it isn't anywhere near optimal.

    You've been here long enough to know how to find one that is.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nddillon View Post
    This is a good read!
    Great article thanks for the post.
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    you are doing biceps before back and wondering why you back isn't growing? Move back to it's own day. Do deads, barbell rows, pullups, and shrug. Keep it simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viperc8 View Post
    Alright.. But basically my other routine seemed to hold up because no one really bashed it that much..
    holy crap you're only resting 1 day in the entire week???

    squats and hams on Wednesday and then deads the next day after that? i dunno about you but i need at least a day to rest after squats. and like everybody else said, priortize the bigger compound lifts first.

    why aren't you picking the already suggested routines?...they'll solve all of the above problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BG5150 View Post
    If you take anything from this it is:

    Concentrate on your elbows when doing any sort of rows or vertical pulling. On rows, think about forcing your elbows back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. For chins, concentrate on drive the elbows downward.

    That always helps me to "focus" on the lats rather than the arms.
    Thats a good tip. I notice that for back exercises (pullups, lat pulldowns,seated rows,db rows) I tend to cheat sometimes and use my arms too much. Back exercises definately need concentration to work effectively.


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