Hey so I have been lifting for about 2.5 months now pretty consistently and diet is top notch and everything. I have noticed gain in size which I am trying to do. Basically im doing the 4 sets 8 reps scheme.. Im thinking of maybe going to a 5x5. I want to get bigger. There are a few things i like and a few things i dont like. I keep getting stronger which is good but size is starting to cap off now.. I want to get bigger. Also upon examing myself.. I can barely feel my lats.. I want them bigger. Also im starting to get strong on my bench press but when i feel my chest it doesnt feel that big also.. It actually feels like there is more fat on there. I cant complain about my arms because they are looking bigger and getting stronger. But i am not so sure about my chest and my Lats. I know ive lost fat but it feels like ive gotten softer in some spots.. Im not sure whats going on and maybe i need to change my lifting scheme up.. This is currently what i am doing.
Monday- Chest Tri's( Bench, Incline machine , Decline machine , Pec Fly machine, for Tris , skull crushers , cable pulldown , Dip machine.)

Tues- Shoulders Bi's Back( shoulders- Military press , Dumbell raises forwards and sideways, Bar pull up. Bis - Barbell curls , preacher curls , hammer dumbells. Back - Row machine , Inclined angled Row (not sure if thas wat its called) , and Lat Pulldown

Wed - Legs ( Squats , Legpress , leg extension machine , hamstring machine , calf raises sitting down and standing)

Thurs - Deadlifts and Shruggs.. Light day..

Friday - Rest

Saturday starts all over again.. So anyone please give me some advice as to whats going on here.. Thanks alot. Im doing 4 sets at 8 reps.