Basically, I am trying to decide between these two programs.
I have roughtly 3 months training experience, and unfortunately had to take 2 months off for basketball season.
I am wondering if I would still be at the novice/beginner level, and should then go with Starting Strength for the next while, or if it would be good to start a 5x5 (this one, specifically though with Bent Over Rows replaced with Power Cleans for explosiveness training (to help vertical leap and basketball skills))

My main short term goals are to get as explosive as possible, and add as much weight to my Squat, Deadlift, and Power Clean (would be starting from scratch on this one) as possible before the summer. Getting bigger is just a pleasant side-effect, my main goal is to get as strong as possible before going into more specific vertical work (I'll be using programs from the Vertical Jump Bible for this).

My long term goals are to add 8+ inches to my vertical and at the very least be able to grab the rim consistantly, as at the moment I am only barely touching the rim. What I'm really hoping for is to be able to dunk by next basketball season, if only in warm up. The vertical increase will help a lot with shot blocking as well.

So, in summary, assuming I am eating right and so forth, would I see better progress from Starting Strength or a 5x5 given my training experience?
(Yes, I know everyone is different and that no one's gains will be the same as someone elses, this is more a question of which program is better for the amount of training experience I already have)