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    Squat form Dead lift form, still pain

    This is my squat form. Is this why my lower back hurts? is my form that bad? I lift in a YMCA and it is to crowded to take a vid so I had to clean this in my apartment gym.


    Dead lift 135 no pain

    Dead lift 185, some pain

    Today's RANT

    Ok this is a rant. I was at the gym today and was so PISSED! I have been on RESULTS now for over two weeks and just got another jug, nitrean and ets. However I think I am going to stop taking RESULTS and not start ETS until i get this lower back pain figured out. I am not going to grow if I can't squat of dead lift for ****. I dont know what is wrong?! If i squat or dead lift over 135 my lower back kills me then if messes up the rest of my workout. Should I try and find a good trainer and just pay him for a little while to see if it's all form. I will post a video of my dead lift form as well. A guy said at the gym the my lower back just may be really weak, he said try doing hypers and see how many you can do. I can do sets with a plate in my hand for 10 reps without much problem so do you think its really a weak back issue? I just cant take this **** I put to much time and effort into this and now I can't get anything done.
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