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Thread: My meet Deadlifts vids

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    My meet Deadlifts vids

    I wrote in my journal how my Team was running a meet on Saturday. The night before, after my squat worfkout, Bernor asked me to lift. I did it for fun, but I sucked. I bombed in the squat because I kept falling back on the way up. I did do some deadlifts and if my grip didn't give out(very gay) I would have hit a 20 lb PR.

    And for those of you who post videos, what programs do you use? I feel like my video quality is coming out like crap and I just bought a new camera. I think it has something to do with the video conversions. I have no clue what I'm doing.
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    nice work Chris!

    I use iMovie (I have a Mac) its a great program that when I'm done editing it, the program automatically uploads it to YouTube for me.

    Your vids aren't bad though, part of the problem is the low quality on YouTube, it gets a little distorted when uploaded

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    Good work Chris! Man, I can never get over how fast you pull.

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