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Thread: Advanced Bodybuilders.. critique my DC training please

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    Advanced Bodybuilders.. critique my DC training please

    DoggCrapp Style Routine Please Critique

    All exercises slow, controlled negative, explosive positive. Full failure/fatigue is goal of each single but intense working set. As many warm-ups as necessary before each one intense working set.

    Workout 1
    POWERLIFTING: A. heavy deadlift work up to 1/3 rep max (2-3 sets) / B. nothing
    BACK THICKNESS: Good Mornings 12-15 reps SS
    BACK WIDTH: pulldowns 15-20 RP (20 second static at end, then stretches for back)
    QUADS: leg press 20-30 reps RP
    CALVES: calve raise 20-30 reps SS but with a 20 second negative phase
    HAMSTRINGS: leg curl 20-30 reps RP (stretches for legs)

    Workout 2
    POWERLIFTING: A. nothing / B. heavy bench work up to 1-3 rep max (3 sets)
    CHEST: DB flies 12-20 reps RP and a 30 second static rep at the end (then stretches)
    SHOULDERS: lateral raise 15-20 Drop Set and 30 second static (then stretches)
    TRICEPS: skull crushers 12-20 reps RP (then stretches)
    BICEPS: preacher bench curl 12-20 reps RP and 30 second static
    FOREARMS: reverse curl 12-20 reps SS, forearm curl 15 reps RP
    GRIP: CoC/heavygrips for 12-20 reps SS (then stretches for biceps)

    Log everything, when you dont hit a new PR (Defined as same weight + 2reps or same reps + 5lb), shift exercises

    High water intake (2 gallons/day)
    A 7pm carb cutoff (or 4-5 hours before you sleep)
    Extreme stretching is key!
    Lifting: Mon 1 / Wed 2 / Fri 1 / Mon 2
    Cardio: Sun / Tue / Thur / Saturday

    Cardio days 3000kcal 100 fat 300 carbohydrate 225 protein
    Lifting days 5000kcal 166 fat 500 carbohydrate 375 protein

    For the mathematically impaired.. those are 30/40/30 ratios. I plan to regulate cardio length/intensity as necessary to stay lean without sacrificing gains. Cardio will be more cardiovascular shape training (high intensity intervals) rather than traditional fat loss (low-intensity). Im looking to do this for around 6 weeks and put on 10-15 lb of LBM as cleanly as possible (yes, I know some will be water and glycogen, thats why I said LBM and not muscle, for the flamers).

    Currently finishing off my cut this week at around 210lb @ 10%. Im looking to get up to 225 @ 12%. Basically, increase LBM from 185-190ish (where I am now) to 200ish as cleanly as possible. After that I will do a 6 week cut into the summer and try to drop into the 6-8% range at 210ish.

    Lastly, youre probably asking.. why the powerlifting? Im competing in a deadlift only meet on Apr 26, and my first priority is obviously bodybuilding, but I do want to keep my deadlift strength up so I dont perform like ****.

    PS For those of you anxiously awaiting the results of my cut.. I will have new pictures taken on Friday, pumped and water depleted for your enjoyment. I will get them up Friday night.
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    225lb @ 17% bodyfat, currently cutting
    Current lifts while cutting (all raw): bench 275x4, squat 365x8
    Estimated current maxes: 300 bench / 450 dead / 450 squat
    Competition / Gym PRs (from March 08)
    Bench: 325 raw / 385 loose shirt
    Deadlift: 450 raw ADFPF 04/26/08
    Squat: 405 raw

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