So, the name's Mike. I've been working out SERIOUSLY since about august/september last year. I've had pretty good progress so far. My 1RM on bench the beginning of the school year was about 175 and now its closer to 275.

I'm 6'1" tall and about 225-235 lbs. I lift in the 238 class for my school's weightlifting team, and i play offensive left tackle and defensive right tackle for the football team.

My goals right now is reaching 315 on bench, 405 on squat, 250 clean and jerk, and 495 deadlift.

I currently DON'T know my squat and deadlift max... but both are well over 300 (as in i rep close to 300 or over 300).

I hope to reach these goals by the start of next school year (august/september) or even sooner

For the most part i just do what my coach wants of me, which for the most part is a nice routine. I do varieties of bench press like regular, pause, close grip, incline, bands, and others. (Mostly regular bench though)

Usually about 5x5 on bench, with the occasional 5 sets moving up 15 lb jumps til im at a new max (an example right now would be 215x5, 230x4, 245x3, 260x2, 275x1)

For squats i do 2 different sets, 8 sets of 3 either with the same decent weight or moving up 10 lb jumps each set. The other thing i do is sets of 12 9 6 3 and then another of 3. Moving up 20 lb jumps each time.

Unfortunately I'm going to make excuses for my diet. I realize that there's always ways to have a good diet, "but I'm 15 and it's much more challenging to get a good AND tasty diet" (hard to get the things i want)
I usually cook for myself and end up either 1. making sandwiches high in protein (ex. ham and turkey/tuna/peanut butter) or 2. other things that are just full of crap i dont need but are easy (like macaroni and cheese, and a bunch of microwavable foods that really arent too healthy)

I don't take any supplements, not even whey protein. I have some, but i just got tired of taking it. Maybe with a little support in taking it, i will end up taking it again.

I drink a lot of milk (1/4 gal or so a day) and i TRY to eat nothing but high-protein foods for snacks (although most meals like breakfast and lunch which i buy at school are completely unhealthy and lack protein)

Well I've rambled on enough, I just wanted to post this here so I can keep track of my progress and routine, and maybe get some advice from some seniors around. Hope everyone has a good day.