Ok everyone, I am starting a new training journal. I just decided that the other one sorta held me back with old memories etc etc and was quite depressing. Nothing like starting over new again to really get yourself motivated. I will do it as many times as needed to get me to where I want to be SO bear with me please hehe. If you are interested in viewing my old journal to get some backround on me here is the link http://www.wannabebigforums.com/show...&threadid=6086

Now I been lacking the past few months dealing with a lot of personal issues and I need to get back on track cause I feel so much better when I am training pretty hardcore. I vow to go here EVERYDAY NO MATTER WHAT to update my journal cause it keeps me going, especially when people contribute to it Thank you for all of you that have!

Well here is my current stats-

Total lost so far-92lbs
Goal-Possibly another 50lbs...just want to look "good" IMO not anyone else's.
Body Fat- 25% (calipers) last time I had it checked when I weighed 237.