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Thread: Strong Man Course

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    Strong Man Course

    I'm looking at setting up a strong man course this summer to take the place of every other workout or so. I've got a big tire to flip, and a sledge hammer. I read in some other post about hitting the tire with the hammer. Also, me and a buddy will be pulling a plow, or my truck.

    I guess I'm just looking for some other ideas you guys might have. Anyone have any success with this type of routine or any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

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    ROPE CLIMB!!! I know, I know... truck pulling is more of a strongman thing, but I recently got the bright idea to get a climbing rope and bolt it to a tree in my back yard and my forearms and lats are exploding lately. Farmers walk is a good one, not fun but good. You could by a stone training pole from for atlas stones. Just a few suggestions. If you live near woods you could cut down some trees, hack the bark off and hack one side to a wedge and stick it in the ground, use it as a finger.

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    Tire is good, get some farmer's handles (cheap and easy to make), maybe a sled, see if you can get a log to press, find some field stones and pick them up, and most importantly, be creative.

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