Hello everyone. I have been lifting periodically since I was 21. On the eve of my 27th birthday I have rejoined the gym about two months ago and am finally ready to commit myself.

I have never had any training. I am currently 6-2 240 lbs and am slimming down while also trying to add muscle. Here is my normal day at the gym:

Each day I do 35-40 minutes of cardio, as well as 20 minutes of core/ab/oblique exercises.

Day 1- Back
Day 2- Chest
Day 3- Arms
Day 4- Legs/SHoulders

I have read up on this. Some say this is a good way to start, but from what i've read here it isn't. What would be a good way for me to begin to add muscle (i've always had a particularly hard time with bulking up my chest). I have been interested in protein shakes and powder to make my own shakes twice a day, but it seems very confusing and i'm not sure where to start.

Thanks for anything you might be able to help me with. Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere.