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Thread: need good body building workout

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    need good body building workout

    bench- 185
    squat- 350
    deadlift- 395
    shruggs- 245
    hang cleans- 150

    those are my maxes. i need a good body building workout. anyone want to help me out? very much appreciated. im looking to lift everyother day. supplimenting well as well

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    Squat 5x5
    Front squat 3x8
    Lunge 3x10

    Military Press 5x5
    Weighted dips 5x5
    Bench Press 5x3

    Deadlifts 5x3
    Chinups 3x8
    Bent over row 3x10

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    LOL @ maxing on shrugs.

    looks like you have a great start, sounds to me like the diet part of bodybuilding may be what you are looking for. I like the madcow version of Bill Starr's 5x5 routine, just google it.
    Height: 6' weight:197
    BF%: ~12%?

    bench: 280 x 1
    squat: 370 x 1
    dead: 360 x 1

    goal: 225 @ < 10% bodyfat

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    how do you max a shrug? maybe deadlift 395 then shrug it?

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