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Thread: time to man-up:: 1500lb total @ 220lbs and 8% bf

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    time to man-up:: 1500lb total @ 220lbs and 8% bf

    Its true, I do love burger king. I love Olive Garden too... and Outback Steakhouse and Jack In The Box and several other oh so yummy restaurants. Don't even get me started on mexican food. But all that is behind me now. It's time to get in shape again.

    :::the introduction:::
    Welcome to the, once again, new journal of LittleFattyJake. I'm going to really try to not flake on this journal in 3 weeks. Since I can now access WBB from work, I don't think there will be any issues.

    Current stats:: 265lbs @ approx 18.5% bodyfat.

    Bench = ?
    Squat = ?
    Dead = ?

    I don't care about lifts right now, I want to look good. Once I start looking good again, I will start working on strength gains. My once 585lb squat is no more. My knees are jacked and it hurts just to run a 100 feet. My 455lb bench is no more, my wrists hurt all the time and its just not worth training that heavy anymore. It's all about appearance now. If I get strong, sweet, if not, no big deal. I still have a 300+ bench and 400+ squat, but you won't see me going that high very often. I really enjoy concentrating on the contraction of the muscle and really squeezing it for each rep.

    So anyways, over the course of the last 3 years, I've had many injuries set me back from where I once was and where I want to be again. From pneumonia to a minor torn pec, a shoulder cuff injury and wrist issues, constant knee issues and most recently a car accident, I've had my share of problems trying to stay in shape. I'm finally ALMOST all healed up, but I'm back in the game hardcore anyways!

    :::the goal:::
    225-235lbs @ 8-10% bodyfat within 18-24weeks. Very doable in my opinion.

    :::the plan:::
    I'll be implementing a wicked recomposition diet and training routine in this journal. I go 6 week cycles then give myself a few days off and back onto it again. I have everything mapped out on a spreadsheet, but, unfortunately a spreadsheet cannot calculate real world body physiology such as taking muscle gain into account due to glycogen compensation and so forth. It's as accurate as I can get it and a very good guideline for me to follow. Feel free to PM me or comment in here with questions in regards to the spreadsheet.


    I will be taking in low calories (approx 1800kcal) for 4 days consisting of moderate protein, low carb, moderate fat. High calories (3200kcal) follow for 2 days consisting of moderate protein, high carb, moderate fat. Finally, medium calories (approx 2500kcal) for 2 days consisting of moderate protein, moderate carb, moderate fat. It is an 8 day rotation that conincides with my workouts. The workout rotation is a 3 day on 1 day off program. On low cal days, the workouts consist of 12-15 reps per set as to keep heartrate up and glycogen stores down thus fat burning high. On higher cal days I like to throw some strength training in and train in the 6-8 rep range. I like to hit everything twice a week with a medium volume for each. Major muscle groups (ie chest/legs/back/shoulders) get 12-13 sets per group, while smaller muscle groups (ie biceps, triceps) get approx 10 sets per group. Traps, calves and forearms get trained twice in the 3 day rotation, but only for 3-4 quick sets for the day. Much like the UD2, this is geared towards losing fat for 4 days, then carbing up into an anabolic state for 4 days.

    I'll be trying my hardest to wake up early enough to do 1/2 hour of cardio in the mornings. This will probably be the hardest part of the entire routine for me.

    I'll do my best to keep this up to date as I am really keeping this for my records for the future. In 2-3 weeks I will post some progress pictures.

    Onto today's blurbs:::

    :::the diet:::
    0700a - 3 eggs
    1030a - 2 scoops ON protein, 1 scoop CELLMASS
    0200p - 2 cans tuna, 2 tbsp lite mayo
    0545p - 1 scoop ON protein
    gym:: cardio/chest/biceps/traps/forearms
    0800p - 2 scoops ON protein, 1 scoop CELLMASS
    1100p - 2 cups cottage cheese

    :::the workout:::
    chest - 13 sets
    ::warmup:: flat db bench- 50x25
    flat db bench- 80x15, 90x15, 100x12
    incline db bench- 70x15, 70x15
    ::superset:: incline db flyes- 45x12, 45x12
    fly machine- 180x12, 180x12
    cable crossover machine- 50x12, 50x12
    hammerstrength incline (rt,lft,both)- 1pps x8-8-10, 1pps x8-8-10
    traps - 6 sets
    bb shrugs- 225x12, 225x12, 225x12
    ::superset:: single arm db shrugs- 80x12-12, 80x12-12, 80x12-12
    biceps - 10 sets
    ::warmup:: db curls- 20x20
    seated db curls- 35x15, 35x12
    ::superset:: bb preacher curl- 50x12, 50x12
    db hammer curls- 50x10, 50x10
    ::superset:: db concentration curls- 25x12, 25x12
    hammerstrength preacher curls- 70x12, 70x12
    forearms - 4 sets
    db reverse wrist curls- 15x15, 15x15
    ::superset:: db wrist curls- 15x15, 15x15

    :::the cardio:::
    30mins on the stairlliptical. This is a name I came up with for this crossbreed between the stairmaster and the elliptical that my gym has. Weird machine really but it works. I did 30mins @ lvl 10-18 burning approx 430kcals.

    :::the thoughts:::
    Overall, a fantastic workout. Forearms were a last minute thing I threw in, I just wanted a little work and wow did those 2 supersets annihilate my forearms. I couldn't hold anything afterwards, thank goodness I was finished with the workout. Shrugs felt really good too, I like the bb superset with the single arm dumbbell. I can really feel the isolation on the single arm. Chest was great as always. I'm excited for tomorrows back and tricep session. Since I've gotta hit cardio in the AM, I need to get to bed...
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