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Thread: time to man-up:: 1500lb total @ 220lbs and 8% bf

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    borracho- thanks, I'm working on it

    elwood- too technical? how so?

    morning bodyweight:: 263.7lbs

    :::the diet:::
    0715a - 3 eggs
    1100a - 2 scoops ON
    0600p - 2 scoops ON
    *gym @ 7p:: cardio/delts/traps/legs
    0900p - 2 scoops ON
    1030p - 2 cups cottage cheese, 10 fish oil caps

    cal breakdown - 215p / 33c / 56f - 1496kcals total (I forgot to eat lunch, busy @ work)

    :::the workout:::
    delts - 13 sets
    ::warmup:: seated db sh press- 50x12, db side raises 10x20
    seated db shoulder press- 90x8, 100x8, 100x7.5
    standing db side raises- 40x8, 45x8, 50x6
    plate front raises- 45+25x6, 45+25x6
    rear delt fly machine- 180x10, 225x8
    bb upright rows- 135x8, 135x6
    cybex shoulder press (rt, lft, both)- 70x10,10,10
    traps- 3 sets
    db shrugs- 120x12 ->DROP SET 80X12, 120x12 ->DROP SET 80X12, 120x12 ->DROP SET 80X12
    legs - 11 sets
    ::warmup:: leg extension- 80x20, lying leg cur- 65x20
    leg extension- 250x10, 250x10, 280x10
    lying leg curls- 140x10, 140x2 ->DROP 110x10 (left hammy cramp), 110x10
    leg press- 6pps x8, 8pps x8
    front squats- 135x10, 135x10
    stiff leg deadlift- 225x8 -> almost vomited, workout finished

    :::the cardio:::
    30 mins stairlliptical, interval training, lvls 9/18, ~475cals burned

    :::the thoughts:::
    First, I'll start with legs. I had to finish legs after that first set of SLDL. I got ridiculously dizzy and nauseous.. possibly the heavy workout on almost zero carbs? At the same time, I lost my gym pass in the gym. I think some ****head stole it from me while I was at the water fountain. What really blows is I keep my workout in it, I think that might be why someone stole it. Maybe a trainer picked it up? I dunno. I searched for 20minutes and then asked at the front desk and nobody knew a god damn thing. I'll ask again tomorrow. I gotta pay $10 bux for another badge if this one doesn't show up. ****ing rapists! It was a great leg workout prior to the feeling like ****. I only missed out on 1 set of SLDL and 2 sets of low weight high rep squats (225x10-15ish). Not that big of a deal, Thursday is leg day again anyways. I skipped calves too, but I'll be hitting calves tomorrow and thursday anyways, so again, no big deal. Leg extensions and leg press felt really strong, hell, so did the leg curls. My hammy cramped up terribly on the higher weight leg curls so I had to drop the weight to continue, but it squeezed out my sets. The leg press felt real good, though the 8pps felt heavy. Give me a couple months and I should be up to a 10pps for reps again. I wrapped my left knee and it really helped keep everything stabilized inside, no pain in the joint on the leg extensions and front squats, which I would normally have. This is good, it means I can go a little harder (NOT HEAVIER) on the squats. Good stuff!

    Shoulders:: ****ing-a this was a good workout! 50lb dumbbells for side raises? They were heavy but damn this felt good. The 40's felt light. The db shoulder presses were great, VERY strict. I should be back up to the 120s in a couple months. Shrugs felt great too. I wanted a 315lb bb shrug for my sets and to superset it with the single arm db shrugs but some skinny old **** was using the only rack with a free barbell so he could do some weird hanging exercise. whatever. The front raises were damn hard, but they felt great on the front delts. It's a bitch holding the 45lb and 25lb plates at the same time. lol..

    Oh, I snapped a photo sunday afternoon at approx 267lb bodyweight. Here you go. I'm going shirted for the first few shots. Once I get under 15% bodyfat I'll take off the shirt and get some better photos.

    uh bee, beep bee bee beep, uh beep uh bee, that's all folks.
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