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Thread: Guido & Luigi gone?

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    Guido & Luigi gone?

    I've been getting "server not found" when I tried to get to Guido and Luigi. Is it gone forever?
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    Quite possibly. He succeeded, after all: A magazine liked G&L so much that they were willing to pay him to do it for their fitness magazine, last I heard. I guess, unlike a few other publishing webcomic writers (Rich Burlew comes to mind immediately), he didn't want to keep doing his pro bono work on the side.

    Not that Burlew is pro bono: Order of the Stick sells compilations and volumes of his web based work, which is entirely seperate from the copywrite protected Order of the Stick material he was contracted to write for Dragon magazine that he CAN'T reprint.

    Takes a lot of time and infrastructure, though. Perhaps more than the author for G&L thought it was worth.

    Alternatively, webcomics just die flaming deaths all the time. I've done some writing: It's hard work to be creative about the same subject endlessly. People spend 30 seconds reading these things a few times a week and often don't realize how many hours go into writing and art. Burnout happens.
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