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Thread: "Stretched out" stomach from drinking?

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    "Stretched out" stomach from drinking?

    I've heard that if you eat a lot, your stomach will stretch itself. Then, after a while, it will take more to fill you up, thus you will eat more than you normally would and gain weight.

    Would the same thing happen if you drink a lot? I am constantly drinking water and tea and other stuff. Would all that fluid stretch my stomach, so that when I ate, it would take more to fill me up?
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    possibly. your stomach doesn't expand like a balloon, it unfolds like an accordion. I think food would work better.
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    I don't see it happening unless you drink large amounts of water very very fast. Liquids go through your system pretty fast, I don't see large amounts staying in your stomach long enough to stretch it.
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    Doubtful. Water and other liquids likely wouldn't result in the same amount of "mass effect" as a solid. Just my educated guess....
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    possibly. your stomach doesn't expand like a balloon, it unfolds like an accordion. I think food would work better.
    I'm not sure I can imagine how a J shaped sac like structure would unfold like an accordion.

    I'm fairly certain it does infact expand much like a balloon. Gasses, food, liquids and air account for the increase in overall size.

    Anyway, I don't believe it would be possible to literally "stretch" your stomach out with liquids. The digestion rate is far too high. I would assume you are more likely to suffer from hyponatremia before you could "stretch" out your stomach to such an extent.

    Of course, I'm talking about drinking quite a large amount of liquids in a very short time. This would be the only way conceivable for such "stretching" to occur. Again though, I don't believe it to be possible in any case.
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    Drinking large amounts of liquids will stretch the doubt? Look no further than the regular beer drinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod crowley View Post
    Drinking large amounts of liquids will stretch the doubt? Look no further than the regular beer drinker.
    That's from storing worthless calories as fat. Water has no calories, you don't gain bf% from water, you just piss a lot. It's also not a safe idea to chug a ton of water.

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    Once you've reached an adult age your stomach doesn't change sizes.

    Just cause some fat guy has a beer gut doesn't mean he has this huge stomach in there - he just has a high BF %.

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