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    wrist wraps

    Probably a dumb question, but when you buy wrist wraps online (I'm considering getting some of the APT's from EFS) do they come as a pair or as one wrap for one wrist? I just don't wanna order one thinking that two are coming and then only have one... Thanks, guys.

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    they probably come in sets of two depending on the price lol never used wrist wraps tho...
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    Umm yeah ive always seen them as pairs of two. as long as there made for gym and not for like an injury... i dont see why you wouldnt get two... you dont have a dicks or sporting good store in your area? probably cheaper...

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    The ones from Dicks suck.

    Yes, they come as a pair.

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    I actually did a review of the APT wrist wraps here: They have held up well and are a very good wrap. I like Inzer's wrist wraps too. I can't say I like either one better though - they are both good.
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    Whew, thanks, guys. I just ordered some after reading those replies. And thanks, Sensei, for linking me to that review. I appreciate it!!

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