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Thread: Chris Mason's 15 lbs of mass routine for the older guy

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    Chris Mason's 15 lbs of mass routine for the older guy

    I am 34 years old and 220 pounds. I am just starting back lifting after a back injury four months ago. I was surfing the board and ran across Chris's routine for quick mass gain. It looks a lot a routine I used when I was younger and making the fastest progress of my life. I went from 165 to 195 in 5 months following a similar routine and eating plan. I am not looking to gain 15 pounds in a month or a year for that matter but to increase my strength and overall enjoy my training. I have never tried Atlarge supplements so I went ahead and ordered the mass stack to today to help with my training. Anyway its great to be here and I will keep everybody informed of my progress.

    Saturday (I started with day three because I have to take two days off for traveling.)
    Deadlift (took it easy) 135x10, 225x6, 275x3, 315x3 Back held up good. I will look to take this slow and add 10 pounds a week to work set.

    Squat (no leg press) barx10, 135x10, 215x10, 225x10 Easy but I am not used to high reps. I dropped a workset to gauge my soreness to be ready for tuesday

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    Had a pretty good workout. I am still easing into it but my back is feeling better. I am up a couple of pounds and should get my atlarge supplements tomorrow. Anyway, I am traveling and had to grab this at what turned out to be a pretty nice gym.
    275x6 (Work set)
    315x3 (Work set)

    135 2x8
    225x10 (deadstopped each rep but I ran out of gas)

    Calf raise

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    Looking good on them squats, keep it up!

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    Thanks Borracho.
    I really love this routine. I have strayed a little from the rep ranges but the layout is perfect for me. I got my mass stack and started my shakes today. The Opticen ae great. I am going to get 6 scoops of the MAXIMUS a day split up and a opticen post workout. I will also start posting what I am eating.

    Incline press
    185x6 (WS)
    225x6 (WS)
    The 225 killed me. I was supposed to do two more sets of 4 but I was smoked. I havent done any type of pressing in a while and need to buid up my endurance.

    Standing Military Press
    135x6 (WS)
    155 2x3 (WS)

    Chin up
    BW 8, 8, 6

    Hammer Curl

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    You're not older. 34 is the new 16. Nice strength for just having started back.
    The Iron never lies to you. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go, but 200 pounds is always 200 pounds - a warm-up.

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    Thanks Noah. My back doesnt feel like I am 16.
    Had a good workout. Felt a lot stronger than last week.
    A quick plug for Atlarge. I have tried all types of shakes but Maximus has to be the best mixing and tasting shake I have ever used. I actually look forward to my two shakes a day.
    335x3 (WS)
    This was very easy. I will go 355 next week.
    Pause Squat

    225x5 (WS)
    275x5 (WS)

    Weighted Crunches 3sets

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    Great stuff! I will be watching this journal!

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