I know it's silly to think that you can compare this world to a star trek world, but bare with me.

If we were just another intelligent species out there and we at one point met them with advances in technology, what do you think would happen?

Well, when the new world was discovered the Europeans just took everything with force... humans aren't a peaceful people. We may wage war... maybe not initially though.

Would we have a world anthem? Would we create another branch government that looks into the interests of the planet as a whole?

Personally, I think another intelligent species is somewhere out there. I know I wont see one in my lifetime, but I have no doubts that one day we'll be very good space travelers. There is still so much we don't know what the mysteries of physics hold. It's barely been 100 years since the theory of relativity. Maybe in a few hundred years a new Einstein will come by and tie up some loose ends.

What are your thoughts? What would Earth be like if there were other species?