I finally registered today after lurking around for about a while and I have a question regarding a good starting routine for an ďolderĒ (45 yrs old) first timer to gain a little size. Iíve always been fairly thin at 5í-8Ē and 164 lbs and Iím looking to gain some upper body size.
I joined a gym at the first of the year after I quit smoking and for the last three months Iíve been doing the Nautilus routine they suggested. It consists of a total body workout of 18 exercises on 16 machines, 2 sets of 15, every other day. So far Iíve actually been pretty happy with the results. Iím starting to tone up nicely. Iím currently at 176 lbs and Iím guessing half of the gain is stop smoking weight around my middle.
Now that Iím actually enjoying lifting I might as well make my body look like I want it to. As I was reading the forums I kept seeing the same thing, if you want size, lift heavy. So for the last few weeks Iíve been experimenting on the hammer strength machines with a couple of warm up sets, then 2 sets of 4-6 reps as heavy as I can with good form on a few on the major muscle groups.
Now that you have a little background here are the questions. Iím think of splitting my routine to 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off because it seems it is taking me longer to recover on the muscle groups Iím lifting heavy on. Does this make sense? Right now Iím only doing it on bench, cable row, overhead press, triceps & biceps. And if I need to split what would be a good breakdown of which exercises on which days? Or am I completely way off track and need to rethink everything. Thanks