Iím just beginning to work on a nutrition plan and I would like to see if Iím on the right track. First a little background. Iíll soon be 45 years old 5í-8Ē 176 lbs and approximately 25-28% body fat (online calculator) and just started lifting about three months ago. Iíve gained 12 lbs in the last three months mainly due to stopping smoking. Right now Iím doing ďtoningĒ exercises but plan in the near future to get a little more serious and try to reshape my body. The plan is to add a little size to my upper body while slimming down the mid-section.
So here is what Iíve found by reading the forums so far about a good starting point. I should be taking in approximately 2800Ė3000 calories with a breakdown of 35% protein, 40% carbs & 25% fat. Does this sound about right?
With the wifeís help Iíve really been watching what Iím eating since Friday and if the above numbers are even close to being correct Iím going to have to find a way to eat more. Thanks