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Thread: Need to improve 1.5 mile run times.

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    Need to improve 1.5 mile run times.

    I've been working on this for the last 7 months(been trying to use cardio to cut). I've been trying to improve my 1.5 mile run time from 12:30 seconds to somewhere in the low 9's. I'm still at 12:27 as of today and its incredibly frustrating. I can run 5 iles in 45 minutes but it KILLS me to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. Its not like theres that big of a speed diferance between the two. Thats why I'm so confused. My 5 mile run time that I run 3 times a week hasnt improved my 1.5 mile time at all. I tried sprints but I didnt stick with those for more than a month. Man, I'm so confused. On top of it all, Running longer distances HELPED me break through a squating plateau I encountered for 3 weeks. I could only squat 315 x3 but I got it up to x6 reps. Running has done nothing but helped me in gaining strenght! I just wished it would freakin help me in running! WTH?! My bench max has went up 80lbs even though I've lost weight in the last 4 months(down from 199 to 194). WTF guys?! I know this sounds stupid. I eat alot though, I like to use cardio instead of cutting calories. I find it helps me build/maintain muscle and lose weight. I guess I'm still eating too much. (3k calories a day) I seriously need someones advice. I'm the worlds worst runner. Many PT's have said my running form is fine and I believe it is. Maybe I should invest in a heart rate monitor to make sure I'm "pushing" myself?

    You guys thoughts and opinions are of great value to me. Please share them!
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    If you have any hills nearby try some uphill sprints.

    Those kick my arse.

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    I'm pretty sure I can run 1.5 miles in low 9's and I don't ever even run. And I'm about 220.

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    pull a tire, truck, or something heavy, for a good bit of distance
    or do some downhill sprints, made me a lot faster when I played fball.
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    As has been said numerous times already, run hills. Also, make sure you are varying not only the distance/time, but the speed you run at to keep your body changing. At the moment, you're routine sounds too repetitive.

    Cross training helps a great deal too, so get on the bike or swim some laps. Over the past year or two I've shed a lot of time/ Don't forget nutrition either. You're body gets used to certain foods and will perform better with a good supply of energy.

    Try training with a partner. Competition never hurts, enter a 5K if you have to. By the way, you're not pushing yourself on the hard days if you feel like you could've run faster (within limits).
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    run longer then 5 miles
    also do a day of speed work
    run 200m then 400/600/800/600/400 then back to 200
    rest fully between "sets"

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    use fartlek interval running and a weighted backpack?

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