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Thread: Good chuckle. Burning Fat + Building Muscle.

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    I'm not looking for huge guns. I'm not looking to be a beast. But I am looking to pack on a tiny bit of size and drop a little bodyfat to see that six-er for the summer while I'm at it. Though, come fall I will want some more size, and that is time to do it. So I've been going through routine type after routine type, and diet strategy after strategy.

    I've come to this:

    Active Metabolic Rate: 2502
    Calories Per Day: 2513
    Protein: 42%
    Carbs: 42%
    Fats: 16%

    This is without taking into consideration the 2 days of early morning high intensity cardio, and the thermogenic in Dymetadrine X-Treme. So each day I should be in caloric deficit, but only barely. Should I be able to put on muscle size (Moreso definition)... and drop the very last piece of the gut with this?
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