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Thread: Training to be injury free and then comes injury prevention

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    Training to be injury free and then comes injury prevention

    Ok boys and girls,

    here is yet another journal, but I seriously intend to keep this one haha... I think I said that the last couple times too? After reading into intermittent fasting and the health/recomp benefits it supposedly provides I will give it a shot. My goal is to maintain or increase strength while improving body composition, but isn't that everyones goal?

    The plan...
    fast 16-18 hours a day followed by 6-8 hours of feeding

    Havent worked the kinks... but calories will be at/slightly below/slightly above maintenance on workout days... (supposed to be above) while non-wo days where I will perform cardio or do crossfit will be 50-60% maintenance.

    Will do 3x full body weight training sessions of compound movements a week.
    Problems encountered will be a bum shoulder which will have to be worked around. (meaning no bench press, overheard anything, etc...)

    After yesterday and today I feel hunger is not an issue as fasting is supposed to provide a blunting effect. I actually feel more alert and less groggy than restricting calories or doing one of the other diets such as PSMF or UD2. So far so good eh?


    Flutter Kicks + Crossfit WOD
    5 rounds for time
    30 situps on glute ham machine
    25 back extensions

    5:31 rx'd

    First meal at 6:30 pm

    Crossfit @ 7:00 pm

    meal 1 - serving muscle milk light
    post wo - sammich with egg, hummus, turkey, spinach
    meal 2 - 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp almond butter, scoop of protein

    yes I didn't eat much... ~1200 calories

    Comments :

    I plan on incorporating a lot of running and swimming eventually to increase my endurance and basically work on the two. My goal of becoming a big massive beast is no more. I would like to be in the realm of 170-180 and have a good strength to weight ratio. Right now I am hovering around 190 @ 12% body fat. The reasoning behind dropping weight is to prep myself for BUD/S training which I intend to do mid/end of next year once I graduate. Once the shoulder is healed I will be doing a lot of bodyweight exercises... mostly adding in pushups and dips since I can do situps and the like still.

    I find it easier to follow and less worry of eating meals throughout the day... less to worry about if you ask me.

    Tonight is weight training.
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