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Thread: Strange pain in my lat

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    Strange pain in my lat

    Stats: 5'10, 175lbs. Lifting for physique.

    Coming back from Easter dinner, I got out of my car and got this strong, sharp pain in my left lat. I took some ibuprofen, laid down and the paint went away. Two days later, this morning, the pain came back. It feels like someones shoving a knife in my back. I feel it less if I lie on my back or against the back of a chair.

    I liken it to the pain you get when you fall on your tail bone and it sort of takes your breath away. That's what's happening when the pain comes on; like my breath is taken away.

    Any ideas?

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    Back spasm?
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    Maybe your rib popped out slightly? It happens.

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    might be a pulled muscle in your ribs. I get these once in a while, and Ive had a few put me on all fours gasping for air
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