Ok. So I officially start doing promotions for my nightclub as of tonight.

I think this is going to go very well. So far I've got a list of about 60 people coming for bday's etc tonight so I think I'll be making a splash..

I've gotten a lot of support from you folks and would value some of your opinions for "theme nights" at a club.

Everyone's done the college study group thing
I've got a few ideas that I'm going to document and roll out in such a way that I make sure I get credit. My new gm isn't the most trustworthy. Ok, he isn't trustworthy at all. He'll totally take any ideas I have as his own.

So I'm CMA here..


Any ideas that any of you might have will be appreciated. If applied I'll post pics of the event here somewhere to show you your baby in action and thank you endlessly. As a matter of fact if it REALLY takes off and becomes a a regular night I have ZERO problem breaking you off.

One of my friends suggested a "Best Flirt in Sacramento" night.

It was an awesome idea.. basically there are anonymous judges that walk around and assess who the best male and female flirts are...and there would be a cash prize or hotel room at the end of the night etc
It's brilliant really. a lot more people will get laid and more drinks will be bought.....one begets the other.. lol.

Thanks guys, and wish me luck.