I've learned alot from this forum and need to advise a relative,a 60 year old woman looking to lose some weight and tone up. She is about 9 and a half stone, with high blood pressure but otherwise generally healthy.

I need a gym routine for twice a week to last about 50 mins to an hour.

I believe the weights should be done before the cardio?

Would the following exercise be appropriate:
body weight squats,squats with 1 or 2 dumbbells,lunges with dumbells,
leg press, ham curl.
What about for the upper body?

So would the general routine look like this?
5 min warm up
Weight for full body
Cardio on various machines(warm down)
Ab work
Static Stretches

So its the weights I'm not exactly sure on:
what exact exercises, how many exercises and what sort of set and rep range?

Thanks again
I have followed the wanna be big 3 day split for a few months now with good results.