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Thread: Training for muscle hypertrophy

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    Training for muscle hypertrophy


    Im just wondering what is the best training routine for maximum muscle hypertrophy. I dont want to gain strenght or definition. Im crazy about training routines nowadays. Can anyone help me about this?

    I know that i have to lift heavy and keep my reps between 6-10.
    My diet is quiet welli imm eating a lot of protein, carbs and enough fat.

    However, im not sure about how to divide muscle groups into days.
    How many muscle group should i work in ona day, how many day i ll need to recover my muscles.?


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    The best way to lift for hypertrophy in my opinion is to hit each muscle group twice per week and cycle between heavy and light days. For example, this would by light day:

    - go light, working on your sticking points
    - push your chest to failure
    - do lots of close grip work on your triceps
    - work the antagonists (as a rule of thumb), and by antagonists, of course, I mean traps and rear delts
    - limit your rest time between sets (really push your muscles to failure...
    - find a happy medium between exercises and reps; always do your compound lifts first before you isolate, except in rare conditions like if you're doing pre-exhaust training for some reason.

    On heavy day, powerlift only. Put every ounce of energy into moving the heaviest weights possible. Failure is not necessary on these days. Neither is volume. Give yourself a lot of time between sets for your muscles to recover (like 3-5 minutes on things like deadlift and benching real heavy weight where your giving it all). 5 rep sets are ideal on these days, but sometimes if your feeling really strong you can go for your 1 rm and knock out huge weight.

    You might find that you get bigger by going for hypertrophy every day, but I like this cycling method because this way you build real quality muscle, and it's complete and proportionate. The powerlifts make sure of that. Have fun
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    There is no "best routine." Focus on heavy compounds (deadlifts, squats, over head press, rows, pull ups, and bench) and eat.

    I hate to break it to you, but you can't get bigger without getting stronger.

    I think you would be well served to spend some time reading through this site for a few weeks.

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