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Thread: First pl meet next month?

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    First pl meet next month?

    I am enetring my first powerlifting meet next month. I have been lifting weights since I was 18. I am 30 now so I have some training time, but haven't done much powerlifting training. A powerlifter from my gym said I should try a meet and that I would probably do well once I get used to the equipment. I am looking for advice on how to train for the next 3 weeks. I will be lifting without a squatting suit or a bench shirt. I usually train in a pyramid on squats, bench presses and shoulders. I do deadlifts for sets of 5. MY best squat set is 495 for 6 reps and my best bench set is 405 for 6 reps. The most I have deadlifted for 5 is 475. I one time did deadlift 545. I can bench 465 at the end of my workout or sometimes I do 440 for 2 or 3 reps. I have never maxed out on squats. What do you suggest for traing and for my beginning lifts at the meet. Also I can use knee wraps, but I have never tried them. Should I weight until later or try them now. I weigh 214 right now, but will probably lift the 220 class. Do you think I will be competitive? Thanks for any help.
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