This IS my first post, so I'll introduce myself! Justin is the name. I'm only 18 at the moment, and this summer . . . I ship to MCRD PI for the USMC.

Needless to say, I don't have ALOT of time, but I have been working out for the last 2 and half months. Before I started, I was never fat, just inactive. I was inactive for about a year and a half. Before that period of inactivity, I ran track for two years. I regularly worked out, usually push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Needless to say I was a ripped little kid! (Kid being 15-16).

I have NEVER been BIG. Never. I have never WANTED that appearance of bulk. I do however want mass gains. I do want to be able to lift more weight. I want a balanced look. I don't want to be all cut and no strength, and I sure don't want to be big and bulky and not have definition. I want an "inbetween". I want to have mass, be able to move as well as I do now (I run A LOTand I am VERY flexible)and have definition/edurance. IS THIS POSSIBLE

I could use some HELPFUL comments and maybe some insight. My routine I have now is decent. I don't rest but maybe one-two days a week. I do back/shoulders, bi's/tri's, chest, and legs (atm I don't do legs because I'm more of a runner than body builder). That's how I work my muscles on a given day. I don't know how much rest I need, I'm not sure about alot of stuff.If you all can help..I'd appreciate.