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Thread: Looking For Advice..

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    Looking For Advice..

    I'm New To The Forum... And Seeking Advice.

    My Goal Is To Lose BodyFat (Mostly In My Stomach Area) I Have Abs Coming In But Only The Upper Two Cus The Lower Area Of My Stomach I Have A Gut.. And To Gain Size In My Arms And Chest.

    I Have Started To Eat Healthier, And Im Lifting Atleast 5 Days A Week..

    I Am 6'0 180 Lbs..

    Any Advice Diet Wise, Routine Wise, Supplement Wise.. Would Be Gladly Appreciated Thanks..

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    Well, unfortunately you might be fishing in the wrong pond for the advice you're looking for because mostly here your gonna get advice on how to get big. When it comes to bodyfat, the only solution is diet.

    -Create a caloric deficit; meaning, eat less than you burn.
    -Do yourself a favor and track your calories (
    -Lift more (more muscles = more calories being burned).
    -Eat lean but don't sacrifice your fats (good fats, poly and monounsaturated fats like olive oil, grapeseed oil, natural peanut butter)
    -Less carbs = less fat (a person exercising vigorously can have an increase in insulin sensitivity up to 80%). However, you are lifting so you need to be eating complete carbs to restore your muscle glycogen from day to day.
    -Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to clean out your digestive system and provide healthy energy (you won't feel hungry as often).
    -5-6 small meals per day. Eggs are great, because they are the most complete source of protein. Tuna is a super easy protein.
    -Consume about 1 gram to each pound of bodyweight in protein per day. For carbs, I don't think a formula exists but as long as you're staying under your calorie ceiling it shouldn't matter.
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    Thanks Man.. Im Saying I Am Trying To Get Bigger But I Would Like To Lose This Little Gut Left..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenChild View Post
    Thanks Man.. Im Saying I Am Trying To Get Bigger But I Would Like To Lose This Little Gut Left..
    Well you can't do both at the same time. Decide which is more important to you right now and go from there. If you want to get bigger, lift hard and eat lots. If you want to lose fat, most of the advice given above is solid but you should head over to the diet/nutrition section and do some reading of your own to get a more complete understanding.


    Also, your caps lock is on...
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    Bump.. Anymore Advice?


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