Hello Everyone,

Just a few questions i'm hoping someone can help answer:

1 - I've only been working out seriously for about 2 and a half months now. I've already seen some good gains in both my chest, arms and back. Now my first question is that I've noticed the inside part of my chest is falling behind and theres a noticeable difference in size. Is there a certain workout that i can do to improve my size or will it just catch up as i keep working out?

2 - Does it matter what time of day i workout? Right now i work out at 7:30am.

3 - What does Flax Seed oil do?

4 - How do you maintain muscle mass when your unable to go to the gym? I was unable to go to the gym for 3 months and noticed a large amont of muscle lose.

5 - I joined a soccer league at work, how much affect will this have on my muscle gaining? Would i just have to increase my workout load and overall calorie intake?

6 - I've noticed some of you bench like 250+ and im wondering, does overall strength increase the more you workout?

I hope thats not to many questions and i hope someone can help me,