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I'm definitely not suprised at comments like this. I never said I don't respect geared lifters, and have never said they aren't strong as ****. I remember reading a long thread on powerliftingwatch a while ago questioning gear and that's pretty much the kind of response half the people threw out there. "So what are you calling people that used shirts weak!!!111??? Right lawl none of us are strong."
No offense bud, but why does it matter to you? If you don't like the gear, don't compete, and lift raw, then by God go about your business.

If you've gone to the length to hijack the thread with these thoughts tells me you've thought about what you could do in the gear. I can tell you for certain, being a raw lifter up until recently, that it takes just as much effort in it as it does out of it. It is different, but a ton of effort just the same.

I have all the respect in the world for people that get to the gym, do what they can and make progress. It takes a ton of willpower to make that decision and to stick with it. I have somewhat less respect for people that try and belittle people for a choice in the fed they compete in and what gear they use when the belittlers don't compete themselves.

I could be totally off base here. I am new. Invain, do you compete in any strength sport including bodybuilding? Just curious...