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    My speech, what ya think?

    Allow me to introduce yall to the situation at hand. I have a big debate conference coming up, one which is very impotrant to me since its my last one. So one topic is to picka word which describes the world is some way, weather it be what the world currently is, or what it needs to strive for. Now here is the word I picked.

    This is largely just an excerisve to get foreign students from like Russia and stuff to go up and speak on a word something which is easy, gets them over the fear of crowds etc.

    What do you guys think? I find that short speechs are easiest to quote, and more memorable. So I perfer to keep it short.

    Grammar isn't critical, it'll never be writtenly presented, only orally.

    First draft


    I have thought long and hard over a word which I believe should be a new word for the world to follow. I have said generically how tolerance is good, and how arrogance or ignorance is bad, how we must all understand each other. I have even stepped outside of the box and examined the benefits of independent and interdependent relations between nations and cultures. I have thought over which word I should select.

    Now my MUN experience has taught me to avoid being ignorant, to be tolerant and understand other cultures and to come to respect different viewpoints even though I may have serious objections to those points. All of those words such as tolerance, ignorance, understanding, respect, and so forth have already been mentioned here.

    To be frank words such as tolerance, understanding, respect, etc are fairly generic. Now generic solutions do not work in a complex environment as we have already observed. This same principle applies to generic words as well. Therefore I came upon the word Impartiality. Which according to Webster is defined as “not partial or biased : treating or affecting all equally”.

    Allow me to quickly examine this word. To be impartial to be able to look at a view point in a equal way is to be understanding, to come to the agreement that you disagree and understand another view point is to be respectful. To understand different cultures is to avoid being ignorant. To achieve a more peaceful world we must be understanding, tolerant, respectful, and avoid being ignorant. To be all those one must be impartial. Therefore I believe the new word for the world should be Impartiality.
    Second Draft

    Tolerance, arrogance, ignorance, understanding, respect, brotherhood, love, peace, war all are words which in some way shape or form relate to our society and global community as a whole. Here at this forum we have been instructed to pick a word which describes society today, or maybe even delve into realms of what society should strive towards. I have selected the topic of what society should strive for.

    This word achieves all of what society should strive for, such as Tolerance, to avoid becoming ignorant, to understand and respect one’s self and surrounding along with other societies and cultures. A word which describes all of those above, all of which have surely been mentioned numerous times in this forum. A word which if practice could bring about love, peace, brotherhood and end all wars as we know it.

    The inspiration for my choice of such a word came from a film concerning the revolution of the 13 American colonies. A word which has its roots in the Boston Massacre where British soldiers killed several patriots, a lawyer who protected those soldiers and defended their view point, a lawyer who took on the impossible and won, lawyer who went by the name of John Adams and was selected as one of the people to represent Massachusetts in the colonial congress. He was selected for his ability to not defend or win a difficult case but for his ability to be impartial to various view points.

    To be impartial by Webster definition is “not partial or biased : treating or affecting all equally” now by such a definition should it be practice among the cultures and nations of the world it would create a world which ignorance and arrogance is a thing for history books and not of the nightly news, a world in which Muslims tolerant Christians and vice versa, a world in which respect and understanding is freely handed out to all. To be impartial is to be understanding, respectful, tolerant, and to avoid being ignorant. Therefore my word for this forum is impartiality.
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    "It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech.
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