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Thread: Skinny guy creates a journal (3.5% bodyfat!)... Goal... ?

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    Skinny guy creates a journal (3.5% bodyfat!)... Goal... ?

    Thought i'd make a journal, maybe get around to getting some pictures etc.

    Anyhow i'm inexperienced in the gym, been going for 3 weeks and love the atmosphere and everything about it.

    My goal is to put on Muscle and Mass. Thats it.

    When I started in march - 6'3" 140lbs
    Now - 6'3" 152lbs

    My gym does a Biofit test which measures bodyfat among other things.

    I'm at 3.5% bodyfat!

    I'm just trying to eat well, alot.

    I'm also taking Allmax Quickmass weightgainer in addition and it seems to be helping. I've noticed my chest and shoulders getting bigger

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    can you please post a picture, I think a lot of us are curious to see what 3.5% bodyfat looks like..

    225lb @ 17% bodyfat, currently cutting
    Current lifts while cutting (all raw): bench 275x4, squat 365x8
    Estimated current maxes: 300 bench / 450 dead / 450 squat
    Competition / Gym PRs (from March 08)
    Bench: 325 raw / 385 loose shirt
    Deadlift: 450 raw ADFPF 04/26/08
    Squat: 405 raw

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