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Thread: 20 rep sets for legs

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    20 rep sets for legs

    A couple weeks ago I began to get frustrated at the halted progress my legs were (or weren't) making even though I was squatting heavy and increasing the volume of sets to 8 and trying all sorts of different things and just not feeling like anything was working. Well, a couple of weeks ago I started doing something different.

    I began doing 5 sets of 20 reps with 135 (Not increasing the weight as I have done in the past). Within each set, I've been changing my stance after 10 reps, so for the first 10 reps I stand with my feet wide and toes slightly pointed outward, and for the latter 10 reps of my set I bring my feet closer together (0 degrees, shoulder width). I figure "with such light weight, why not front squat?" So, I have been doing this for a few weeks and my legs are not only getting more massive but I am seeing more definition, and doing extra straight leg deadlifts (because front squats seem to leave something lacking for me in the hamstring area) my deadlift has gotten stronger. Definitely a valuable tool.

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    Not sure about the rep change, but changing over to front squats has changed my life. I haven't squatted with a bar on back in almost a year. I love 'em. Well as much as I can love squats that is.

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    I like to superset front squats with back squats.. I'll do a set of 10 front squat put it down and switch to back squats..
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    Front squats are awesome, but I'm convinced that back squats are just as important. I found that after only front squatting for 3 months (not once even attempting to back squats, I was convinced the front squat was the superior technique, hands down) I tried to backsquat and I found that I couldn't back squat more that I could front squat, which isn't right. I was front squatting 225 ATG so my front-squat was good, but I felt like I should be back squatting at least 3 if my front squat is that strong. I started back squatting and doing more straight leg deadlifts to blast my hamstrings and bring them up to symmetry with my quads and this fixed the problem. Now, even though I said earlier that I front squat only for this routine, I do extra straight leg deads and Glute/ham raises to keep this problem from happening to me again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougyp View Post
    I began doing 5 sets of 20 reps with 135 (Not increasing the weight as I have done in the past).
    I like to 20 rep sets for legs I usually end up nearly tossing my lunch but it sure seems to work for me.

    Many times I do this rep set for back squats
    and I try to add about 50 lbs each time

    I have also used the striping method with good results as well.

    I agree with you I seem to respond to higher rep sets esp on Leg extensions; the only problem being that its very hard on the mind to make yourself continue on and squeeze out a few more reps, compared to sets of 5-8.

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    i do a 20+ rep set for each leg workout. nothing else quite like it.

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    Would you mind keeping us updated on your progress? Like maybe next time you make a significant change to what you're doing...maybe you add more weight, cut the sets down, whatever. I'm interested in the changes you'll make. (Even if you don't change it for a while).

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