I joined a gym. Money is short as I'm a student but after 1 year of doing workouts in my flat and getting basically nowhere I got pissed off and decided I would pay for a 6 month gym membership!

When I started in March of '07 I had good results to begin with, I didn't do any compound exercises and didn't even eat differently. I then stayed the same for months. I bought creatine and loads of protein, I added more compound exercises and cut down on the isolations. I ate and ate, loads of peanut butter and whey protein. I wanted to get into a nice shape for my holiday - I got fat. I put on basically 21lbs of fat! I got slightly stronger but I could hardly see any muscle growth just a gut!

So now I'm 2 months into my gym membership - the guy that owns it is huge and has won numerous body building awards. He's given me a programme to follow, basically no compounds involved tho. I've been eating as much as I can, mostly clean. I have 90g of protein a day from my shakes. I've put on 10lbs and it's basically all fat again.

I'm at a complete loss at what to do. No matter what I do I just seem to get fat - only on my gut mind you! My arms are skinny, my legs are skinny, my chest is skinny - my gut is fat. After 2 months I feel like I want to go on a diet, I hate being fat. People have come up to me and said "Wow you're getting tubby" Marvellous! I had 1 compliment about 1 month ago, "Have you been working on your triceps?" Well I had but I knew it wasn't because of the exercises, they looked like that a month ago. I play golf, alot of it, and it tones your triceps like mad!

Any ideas how to really build muscle? I eat and clean too, if I just ate anything surely I'd just get mega fat? I don't use any other supplements apart from protein.

Is there a specific time I should intake most of my protein? I have my shakes before I go to bed and before a workout, on off days it's first thing in the morning and before I go to bed.

Thanks for reading