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    Upper Body

    Hi, i'm new here. I've been lifting weights for about 3 months now. My programme concentrates entirely on the upper body: Bench press, pull ups, push ups, pec flys, crunches etc. If i don't work my lower body using weights will this affect how much muscle i build in my upper body? I don't want to build any muscle in my legs as i go running and cycling plenty.
    Sorry if something like this has already been posted. I did look and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

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    I would suggest Deadlift...even if you don't want to build your legs much, they are beneficial to your WHOLE body.

    Whats your current routine?
    What type of running do you do?
    What type of biking do you do?

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    Hi, i go running or cycling about twice a week for 40mins-1hr. I'm currently going to the gym 3 times a week doing about an hour each time: Pull ups, dips, bench press, seated row, pec fly with dumbells, crunches, tricep extension and a push down using the cable all of these in the same session, then repeated 3 times a week. Any more advice on what i could add/remove? Also i'm taking in about 40g a day of extra protein from a whey supplement. Thanks.

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    What goals do you hope to achieve through weight lifting?
    Height: 5'10"
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    Really, you don't want to build ANY muscle in your legs? Are they that huge already?

    It is currently a fad, at this writing, for boys to think they need a "six pack", although most of them don't have an ice chest to put it in.
    -Mark Rippetoe

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    So what exactly about running and cycling obviates muscular legs?

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    If it were mountain biking or sprinting, I might understand why you would think your legs are ok as is; however long distances like that are not going to significantly aid in hypertrophy.

    Without knowing your goals we cannot accurately give you the information you need.

    If you want to gain muscle but remain very athletic and healthy check out
    If you want overall hypertrophy need a new routine, read the stickies on this board or the countless journals from experienced lifters for a quality routine.

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