The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    quality vs. quantity man. Make what you do more quality instead of worrying about getting 20+ sets in

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistergalarza View Post
    Well what if a 5 day routine that consists of one muscle a day for 45 minutes?
    Pretty much a waste of time. Generally speaking muscles do not need a full week to recover. For the genetically gifted and chemically assisted they may be able to make gains this way...but for average non-assisted lifters a radicially different routine is better. You can not expect to train like an IBBF pro and make good gains...unless you are a IBBF pro. Period.

    That said you may be able to make gains on a 5 day routine...but I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dgro View Post
    A lot of people get that feeling (they're wrong). If you were doing less volume, I guarantee you'd be getting your 1rm, 5rm, 8rm (whatever you're doing) maxes up, which is what you should be focusing on instead of burning off calories on 8 different kinds of bicep curls...

    I took your routine and made a full-body split out of it, while scrapping all redundant/stupid exercises, added in some stuff... Here's what I got, in no particular order:

    Incline BB or DB Bench (opposite of flat)
    BB or Tbar Rows
    DB Side or Front Raises
    Weighted Incline Abdominal Curls

    Flat BB or DB Bench (opposite of incline)
    Weighted Pullups
    ONE type if bicep curl
    Glute-Ham Raises

    Weighted Dips
    DB or BB OH Press
    Calf Raises
    DB or BB Shrugs
    Not to steal the thread but I like this question.........what would the number of sets and reps look like???

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricep View Post
    Tell us what your "track" is then tell us where you think you are. You have the answers, but that's only half the problem.
    Not sure what you mean by track?

    I understand what you guys are saying by too much volume. Yesterday on my Back/bi day I tried a few new things. 1. less redundant movements, 2. more weight. Aslo changed my routine alittle. Since I was only doing 3 bicep exercises I just went heavier. Finished with a good pump and a felt like I went 110%

    New hottness
    Leg press
    Calf rasies
    Leg ext
    Leg curl Standing calf rasies

    Pull ups
    BB rows
    T-Bar rows
    Close grip pull downs (drop-set)
    EZ bar curl
    DB hammers seated incline
    Cable one arm curl

    BB military press
    Front rasies
    Side rasies
    BB shrugs
    DB shrugs

    DB Incline bench
    DB flat bench
    Cable push downs
    DB tri ext

    Trimmed it up a bit. What do you think of this???

    *I can forsee a few comments
    1. Why DB AND BB Shrugs - Wish I could do more! Really want to get traps bigger
    2. Why BB rows AND T-Bar rows - I just love doing them!! Makes my back feel HUGE! Thought about mixing in deads but have never done them.

    ...ok, have at it!

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    And thanks for everyones input. I'm not one of those guys who thinks they know it all, thats why im here. I just dont want to waste any time. What i mean is... I'm trying to reach 205lbs. Would rather get there in 2 years vs 5 you know! Well anyway, Thanks for helping me out!

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    Less is more, apply it. Compound is better, apply it.

    Fuck, fight, or hold the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABN_Ranger View Post
    1. Why DB AND BB Shrugs - Wish I could do more! Really want to get traps bigger
    2. Why BB rows AND T-Bar rows - I just love doing them!! Makes my back feel HUGE! Thought about mixing in deads but have never done them.

    ...ok, have at it!
    Heavy deadlifts will give you huge traps. Definitely add in DLs and drop one type of shrugs. Also DL's can probably take the place of either BB rows or T-Bar rows.

    Oh and on your leg day I'm not sure why you list calf raises twice. Are you doing standing and seated calf raises?

    Your new routine is a little better but I'd make a few changes:

    Day1 - Legs
    Leg press (If you are doing HEAVY squats you don't really need this)
    Calf rasies (You only need to do one type of calf raises but you may want to alternate between seated and standing from week to week)
    Leg ext (You might want to try Front Squats or Lunges instead)
    Leg curl (you might want to try SLDL's or GM's instead)

    Day2 - Back/Bi

    Pull ups (buy a dip belt so you can add weight. you can get a good one for $25 or so)
    BB rows OR T-Bar rows (Alternate between them each week. Trust me you will be tired after DLs)
    EZ bar curl
    DB hammers seated incline
    (I know I cut some things but you are getting plenty of back and bi workout with what I have listed here. DL's will help you make huge gains in back and bi's. If you want a little more bi work switch the pull ups to chin ups. You don't need to do pull and chin though)

    Day3 - Chest/Tris
    BB flat bench
    (do BB instead of DB for flat bench and do flat bench before you do incline)
    DB Incline bench
    (add weight and you will be too tired to do DB extensions)
    Cable push downs

    Day4 - Shoulders/Traps
    BB military press
    Front rasies
    Side rasies
    BB shrugs OR DB shrugs
    (alternate from week to week if you want)
    Rotator cuff exercise (look one up. it'll help prevent benching injuries)
    (I switched day 3 and 4 b/c you don't want to do shrugs the day after you do DLs)

    This routine has you doing 5 exercises each day. You can do each for 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps with HEAVY weight. You should ALWAYS start each day with the main compound exercise for that day (Day1 Squat, Day2 DL, Day 3 Flat BB Bench, Day4 BB military press).

    I know you might think you need some of the things I cut but just think of it this way. If you still have energy to do those other things at the end of your workout then you didn't lift hard enough on your other lifts!
    Last edited by SMK41; 04-18-2008 at 05:59 AM.
    Height: 6'4 - Weight: 235 lbs - Age: 31
    DL: 530 x 1
    Squat: 355 x 1
    Bench: 350 x 1

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    Ok, I think I can roll with that. Heres my questions about the deadlifts. Grip inside of your legs or out? And how wide of a stance?

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    If you want to get to 205 bw, just eat a ton of food. 8 million sets has nothing to do with getting bigger 8 million times faster. I don't know how often this has been said on the board, as i have only been here briefly, but enough that its in almost every single topic.


    Travis Bell said it best - pick quality exercises that are going to give you the most benefit and get everything you can out of them.

    And I think Arnold said something similar too - if you are BBing, actually focus on your muscles contracting, feel them contract, rather than moving from A to B. Makes a world of a difference.

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