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Thread: Weird Xbox 360 Problem...

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    Weird Xbox 360 Problem...

    I put in a game... usually COD4 and my xbox doesn't read it. I have the tray closed with the game inside, and it says "Open Tray." I have to keep opening the tray several times before I can play the game.

    When this isn't happening, I get the unplayable disk message. Is this a sign my sexbox is going to hell?
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    If it happens with all your CDs, it could be a problem with the lense or something blocking the tray from going all way into the closed position, which makes it hard for the lense to read the CD. Could get a can of compressed air and spray it around inside or if you are feeling confident in your abilities, open it up to investigate.

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    I agree wtih T-duff...even if you dont have compress air just open the tray and give a it a blow...hehe...and that might clear some particles off of the lense. Ive opened my 360 a couple of times...try to avoid it, its a major pain in the ass.
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