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Thread: Pulled something in my neck

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    Pulled something in my neck

    Sometimes when I turn to the right with my head its a little tight and hurts a bit. How do you stretch your neck?

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    I get the same thing after a back-workout. I think it's specially after deads..
    Anyway, I have started to "rotate" my head, of course not 360' but as far as I can go.. after I started with that, I haven't felt it...

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    Sit straight on the edge of a chair, make sure you put your shoulders back and lift your ribcage so it's over you pelvis. tilt your head down and use your hands to gently press down as you try to push your head up hold that for about three seconds and lift your head up. Do the same thing tilting your head down and to the right and then down and to the left. Dr Michelle (my chiro) has me do these because I get really bad tension headaches. It will help stretch your neck muscles and you will also start to feel all down your back if you do the stretch correctly.


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