Hi guys,

Five years ago I decided to go crazy on my forearms and did reverse preacher curls four times a week for three weeks (yes, stupid I know). After the third week, I woke up with pain in both my arms which turned out to be Golfer's elbow. Despite my best attempts to fix the problem, I gave up bodybuilding, became depressed, and stopped eating. I went from weighing 90kg (21% bodyfat) to 65kg (14% bodyfat). So as you can see, the big change in diet stripped off a lot of muscle.

Five years on, I still have Golfer's Elbow. I initially had physiotherapy for a year then decided to give up on it, and let time do the healing (as physio was not helping me enough).

These days I have it under control (no pain), but as soon as I start lifting things, i.e. carrying multiple shopping bags, carrying a carton of beer, it comes back and usually stays for 12-24 hours then disappears. Although this continually frustrates me, I can continue doing most things without a problem, so I still have hope!

I recently purchased an ultrasound machine, and use it every day combined with stretching and am at the point where I think I will be able to start doing some light sensible strengthening exercises in the gym (or at home). I have also found that I can comfortably do rock-climbing as the force is minimal on my elbows, but gives my forearms a big workout.

What I am essentially after here is a routine which can get me back on track. Any advice is greatly appreciated.